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Goodbye Razor!

Avoid The Hassle Of Shaving!

Smooth skin is a commitment! Homecare is highly recommended.

Client safety is always first! The treatment room will be sanitized after every client. A clean sheet is placed on the table after every client. Disposable gloves are worn during the entire wax service. Implements are sanitized with a hospital grade disinfectant. Disposables are discarded after each use. All waxing services are for established clients only.

Eyebrow Hair Removal

Facial Waxing

30-Minute | $20-$50 

A wax of the eyebrow, lip, chin or face. Includes: wax, tweeze, and soothing gel.
Shaved Legs

Body Waxing

30-Minute | $20-$100

A wax of the underarms, arms, legs, chest, or back. Includes: wax and soothing gel.
White Swimwear

Bikini Waxing

30-Minute | $50-$85

A wax of the bikini or brazilian area. Includes: wax and soothing gel.
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