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Result-Oriented Skincare & Acne Treatments

We offer a variety of advanced treatments ranging from Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Hydrodermabrasion and Ultrasonic Infusion to address hyper-pigmented, sun damage and aging skin. For our acneic clients we offer a result-oriented Acne Program that will help clients who have struggled with acne get results within 3 months!

Professional Facial


Customized Facials

 Treat & prevent skin concerns.

Scowling girl in shock of her acne. Phot


Get Clear Stay Clear

No prescriptions needed. 

Sugaring: epilation with liquate sugar a


Smooth Skin

Hard & soft wax available.


NEW! Hydro Facial $125

Blast away gunk and dead skin! This multi-step facial delivers special serums to clean, extract, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin.

Ultimate Protection SPF28

Ultimate Protection SPF28


"Misty is the absolute BEST. I was given her name as a recommendation and since day one she has made me feel so comfortable while remaining completely professional." 

Karlee Cruz

"Have ALWAYS had a excellent experience, Misty is always growing and learning trying all the latest wonderful ways to improve the spa, treatment experience."

Davia Starkey

 I have acne prone skin and with each of her treatments my skin clears almost completely. She has legitimate experience and is welcoming and easy to talk to."

Maggie Delgado

"Misty is seriously the BEST! I've done multiple facials, waxes, and everything with her! She is an expert in her field and always takes care of her clients."

Jessica McWilliams