Esthetician Treatment Room Compliance

1 Room – $200.00 or Spa – $500.00

  • I will come to your treatment room or spa to help you organize, label and set-up according to BBC rules and regulations.

Individual Wax Session 

1 student – $200.00 

  • Includes theory and hands-on training session.

  • 1 day of training and guidance in your treatment room. 

Group Wax Session 

2 students – $150.00 each student

  • Includes theory and hands-on training session.


  • Includes note book.

  • California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology rules and regulations.

  • Proper sanitation and disinfection protocols.

  • Client intake form and release of liability. 

  • Waxing contraindications and how medication interferes with result. 

  • Skin irritation and lifting, histamine reactions.

  • How to properly assess and prep the skin.

  • Types of wax and when to use them.

  • Establishing a wax routine.

  • How to be comfortable with body parts.

  • Difficult hair removal tricks.

  • Client education and relaxation.

  • Referrals and re-booking.

  Hands-On Training Session

  • BBC compliant set-up and organization.

  • Proper wax usage and technique.

  • How to properly hold the skin.

  • How to position the body.

  • How to wax the same way every time. 

  • How to properly touch and position your client.

  Supplies Needed

  • None (everything will be provided). Feel free to bring any product, supplies and/or wax that you like to work with.​​​

Esthetician Room Compliance

Training Session Policies

  • A non-refundable $50.00 deposit is due at time of booking. The remaining non-refundable course fee is due 1 week prior to booked session.

  • Please email all forms, picture ID and valid BBC esthetician license at time of booking.

  • A displayed picture ID and valid original BBC esthetician license is required during class.

  • This is a unbranded wax class. Wax kits are not included.

  • Group sessions are held in my spa.

  • Individual sessions are held in both my spa and the student's treatment room.

  • Students will be waxing each other during group sessions. Please grow out your body hair 3 weeks prior to the class.

  • 2 to 4 models with appropriate hair length are required for individual sessions.

  • Please wear sweats or yoga pants. No jeans or low cut tops to your session.