Relaxing Spa Treatments

Massage promotes the overall well-being of the mind, body, and soul.

Ease sore muscles and simply melt into a state of relaxation. Every treatment begins with a dim room, soft music,

a warm table, hot towels and customized massage cream. All massage treatments use light to medium pressure.



*Due to the nature of the service, massage treatments are for women only. Bakersfield Massage Permit #PL2016-072.

Therapeutic Massage

60-minute $140 

Nourishing the skin, relaxing the body and soothing the soul are all part of this luxurious treatment. An essential oil-scented steam is followed by a gentle cleanse and exfoliation. You will then receive a décolleté, shoulder, neck, face, and scalp massage with an aromatic balm leaving you feeling relaxed. A hydro-jelly mask is applied to hydrate the skin. A steamed neck roll will be applied during your mask, while your hands and feet receive a warm, aromatherapy compress. The result will give your skin a radiant glow and leave you feeling renewed. Includes: double cleanse with steam, light exfoliation, massage, hydrojelly mask, moisturizer and SPF.


Back Massage

30-minute $125

Relaxing therapeutic massage techniques with a focus on neck, shoulders, and back where many

Upper Body Massage

30-minute $85

This is the perfect service for clients who work on computers all day! Your upper body (hands, arms, neck and shoulders) are massaged to provide instant relief of tired, overworked muscles. Includes: massage, steamed towels, and Bio-Freeze if needed.