Clear Skin Starts Here! 

Are you struggling with chronic acne, hormonal breakouts or rosacea? 

It’s time to break the cycle and enlist the expertise of a Certified Acne Specialist! Complexions by Misty specializes in result orientated acne treatments. Our clinic is private and professional, and you will always receive personal, one-on-one attention.



How Does The Program Work?

Complexions by Misty treats acne, rosacea and hyper-pigmentation with a combination of in-office treatments and managed home care products. Treatments are every two weeks until your skin clears, which usually takes 5 to 7 treatments.


*Prior to your appointment, please discontinue using any topical prescriptions prescribed for your acne for two weeks. You must be off Accutane for three months prior to us seeing you in our clinic. We use benzoyl peroxide in our program. If you have a known allergy please let us know.

Step 1: Acne Consultation: ​

  • We will analyze your skin to determine your skin type, acne type, and skin tolerance.

  • You will receive useful information regarding products, diet recommendations, medications, etc.

  • We will take some preliminary pictures to track your progress.

  • Your skin will be tested for product sensitivity.

  • We will perform your first acne treatment.

  • You will receive homecare regimen recommendations.

  • It will cost $150-$200 for your first set of acne products. 

Step 2: Bi-Weekly Treatments:

  • We recommend you come in every two weeks for an Acne Treatment.

  • A combination of steam, hydrating enzymes, chemical peels, and extractions will be performed to facilitate the clearing of your skin. You may or may not experience some mild peeling after these treatments.

  • We will go over your home-care products to make sure you're on track and make adjustments as necessary. 

  • We will adjust some products as your treatment progresses, requiring additional product purchases.


Acne Consultation 

$125  |  1 Hour  |  New Guests Start 

During the consultation we'll go over lifestyle choices that affect your skin such as diet, product ingredients, supplements and more. The treatment plan includes a thorough consultation, skin heath packet, homecare product recommendations, detailed instructions on how to care for your skin, sensitivity test, and acne treatment. You will a*Please note, products are not included, they will cost approximately $150-$200 in addition to the consultation fee.

Acne Treatment 

$95  |  1 Hour  |  Bi-Weekly Acne Program

This appointment is specific to our Acne Program. Our guests come in every two weeks for treatment and we will go over your home-care products to make sure you are on track. Includes: cleanse, exfoliating enzyme or light chemical peel, extractions, cryotherapy, hydration and SPF. Homecare will be adjusted to keep your clear skin goals on track. *For occasional breakouts please schedule a Customized Facial. 

Scowling girl in shock of her acne. Phot

Teen Acne Treatment

$75  |  45 Minutes |  Occasional Breakouts

While the majority of teens (14 and under) may not have severe acne, most will have some form of  breakouts during their adolescence. This specially designed treatment includes hygiene coaching, cleanse, gentle exfoliation, light extractions, mask, high frequency, SPF and simple home regimen. *Please note, this appointment is not a replacement for our Acne Program for moderate to severe acne.